About me


“Doing what you like is freedom”


[row custom_class=””][col-md-6][dropcap custom_class=”normal”]As long as you know exactly what you really like to be doing. Is a damn hard process full of ambiguity, full of exaltation and of sorrow, of hope and pain, of heartbreaking desires, of hunting dreams, of small joys and countless disappointments. We are keen to pursue personal happiness, blinded by stereotypes of all types, blaming our self and others when failing through the process.[/dropcap][/col-md-6][col-md-6] We dislike rejections and hide our weakness, constantly wearing masks made of fake self-control, power, and success.
Most of us live the entire life fighting ourselves. The luckiest one, sooner or later give it up, embracing the pleasure of self-acceptance…[/col-md-6][/row][spacer]

My skills

[row custom_class=””][col-md-4][skills value=”67″ size=”180″ bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ fgcolor=”#000000″ donutwidth=”2″ title=”Coffee Brewing” font=”henri_didotregular” fontsize=”30px” fontstyle=”” custom_class=””][/skills][/col-md-4][col-md-4][skills value=”97″ size=”180″ bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ fgcolor=”#000000″ donutwidth=”2″ title=”Creativity” font=”henri_didotregular” fontsize=”30px” fontstyle=”” custom_class=””][/skills][/col-md-4][col-md-4][skills value=”86″ size=”180″ bgcolor=”#f2f2f2″ fgcolor=”#000000″ donutwidth=”2″ title=”Punctuality” font=”henri_didotregular” fontsize=”30px” fontstyle=”” custom_class=””][/skills][/col-md-4][/row][spacer][spacer]

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